Metroid Dread, discovered a secret to “punish” a boss in an epic way

Metroid Dread, discovered a secret to “punish” a boss in an epic way

A new secret discovered about Metroid Dread allows you to make battling a boss easier.

The developers of Metroid Dread have shown on more than one occasion that they know well the habits of the players of the series and their habit of wanting to explore and  not respect what would be the pre-established game sequences.

MercurySteam is well aware of the passion that players have for these kinds of discoveries, which is why not only have they not in any way prevented them from running on Metroid Dread , but they have even encouraged them by hiding very useful tricks .

The trick in question concerns the boss Kraid , well known by fans and already the protagonist of a secret that makes defeating him a real walk .

We also remember that Nintendo recently released a new important update , which fixed a bug that could cause certain sequences to skip even more, but in a way that the developers had not foreseen .

Twitter user yassu_yassu has discovered that the one previously reported to instantly kill the boss is not the only secret hidden to facilitate the battle, but there is another less ” permanent ” one, for those who still want a challenge.

If players manage to get the Flash Shift skill , which will allow them to take a shot in mid-air, with the right timing it will be possible to trigger a sequence that will inflict serious damage to the dangerous boss.

As you can see in the following video clip , if a shot is taken at the exact moment when Kraid’s eyes light up , after getting close enough, Samus will be able to fire a series of deadly shots into his opponent’s mouth, significantly shortening the duration of the clash:

The ” poor ” Kraid therefore seems to have been targeted by the developers of Metroid Dread for the implementation of nice easter eggs, which only the most curious players will be able to discover.

A feature that will surely be appreciated by players looking for a challenge , since it is precisely this kind of secrets that encourage replayability and the desire to experiment with new paths.

At this point all that remains is to wait if the most ingenious fans will be able to discover other tricks to make life easier against the bosses. Which may not necessarily be Kraid once again.

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