Metroid Prime 4: Nintendo is ‘working hard’ on development

Although the announcement of Metroid Dread was one of the key moments of the Nintendo Direct organized for E3 2021 , once again Metroid Prime 4 was a big absent from Nintendo’s digital event , continuing to be completely shrouded in mystery.
A  very brief mention of the expected new episode of the three-dimensional series starring Samus Aran, however, was made by Shinya Takahashi during the Direct, just before presenting Metroid Dread. ” We are currently working hard on the latest game in the Metroid Prime series, Metroid Prime 4, which we announced earlier “, these are the meager words of Takahasi on the status of the next episode in development at Retro Studios , already authors of the first three chapters of the series. seen on GameCube and Wii .
In recent days, the fourth anniversary of the announcement of Metroid Prime 4 has been marked : it was in fact on the occasion of E3 2017 that the Big N confirmed the development of the new chapter to the world, showing a very short teaser trailer that only carried the production. That logo and that very short video is all we have about the game, which has completely disappeared from the radar since then. We know for sure that the development of Metroid Prime 4 started from scratch over two years ago, passing under the supervision of Retro Studios and thus discarding all the work done up to that point by Bandai Namco., originally designated as the game developer. The long wait continues, with the hope that Metroid Dread can make it easier starting next October 8.
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