Metroid Prime: Samus’ voice was too sexy, Nintendo rejected it

Metroid Prime: Samus’ voice was too sexy, Nintendo rejected it

Clark Wen, audio director of Metroid Prime, revealed that Samus’ voice was too sexy by Nintendo standards.

Clark Wen, audio director of Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2 Echoes, revealed that Samus’ voice in the game was deemed too sexy by Nintendo . Wen tells a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the game’s audio.

The information comes from an interview conducted by podcaster Reece Reilly. Wen explains that most of the soundtrack was created using synthesizers. One of the most complex elements to manage, however, was Samus’ voice , or rather her grunts. Wen, speaking of Metroid Prime, said: “I think voice was kind of a touchy thing with Nintendo, because originally we had done some recordings for Samus’ voice, more like a temporary kind of placeholder sound because we really wanted to make sure the impacts when Samus took damage was recognisable in the gameplay. 

So we got one of the designers to do some placeholder grunts and screams. It was never meant as a final audio pass, but a few weeks after we got them in the game, we heard feedback from [Nintendo] EAD about Samus’ voice, and they were saying it was too sexual and too sensual sounding. [laughs] They’re very, very particular about vocal sounds in general, so I was happy to let them take the reins and they ended up recording several actresses for Samus’ vocals, and we got them back a few months later and we ended up picking out the voice we thought worked best. “for Metroid Prime, says Wen.

It is also explained that the team doesn’t know exactly who Samus’ voice actors are in Metroid Prime. The voice was made by “JH” and, according to fans, it’s Jennifer Hale: Wen thinks it’s her too, but can’t confirm it. The voice of Samus’s death, on the other hand, is made by “VM”. The Japanese team has never indicated any other details.

Retro Studio obviously had to follow Nintendo’s directives, but was still able to act freely. For example, composer Kenji Yamamoto proposed a guitar-based track, but Retro Studio turned down the proposal.


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