Microsoft announces the development of an Xbox app for Smart TV and streaming technology to play without the need for a console

Microsoft is working together with different TV manufacturers to make possible the launch of an Xbox application integrated in this range of devices. The final plan is to integrate Xbox Game Pass into Smart TVs thanks to xCloud’s own streaming technology . Thus, access to the jewel in the Xbox crown would be easier.

We’re working with global TV makers to integrate the Game Pass experience directly into Internet-connected TVs , so all you need to play is a controller , said Liz Hamren, director of gaming experiences and platforms at Microsoft. 

Basically, and to be clear, Microsoft would be planning to introduce Game Pass in the same way that a Smart TV has a Netflix application, and a technology similar to Chromecast, for example. This would make a console not required to enjoy the extensive catalog of the paid subscription service that grows month after month.

At the moment, the release date of this streaming device and the application for televisions is unknown. Closely linked to this, the Xbox Wire that detailed the information added a series of points of great interest:

  • Xbox is exploring new subscription offerings for Xbox Game Pass so that more gamers around the world can experience the most immersive and fun games across all devices, geographies, and financial realities. 
  • Xbox is building its own streaming devices so cloud games reach gamers on any TV or monitor without the need for a console. 

Game Pass grows and grows and the commitment by Microsoft has already been clear. A few days ago, the big M commented that Xbox Game Pass is a win-win model for gamers and publishers alike .

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