Microsoft Flight Simulator – Patch cuts game size in half when downloading

Even though it is an unrivaled technological showcase of Asobo Studio’s know-how, Microsoft Flight Simulator has suffered from a huge problem since its release. His weight. In fact, until then, the flight simulation required considerable disk space. Good news, the latest patch deployed by the Bordeaux studio reduces the initial download of the game from 170 GB to 83 GB.

We learn about this in the patch note for Update 4, aka “patch”. The development team says they’ve worked on optimizing the full initial download so that the base game weighs just 83GB. This will be great for gamers who don’t have a very fast connection. Note that the official Microsoft store page always mentions the weight of 127.01 GB and that the space occupied by the game once installed does not change, only the downloaded data is affected.

An Xbox version is still on the rails and we will no doubt know more about it during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase on June 13th. There is more to hope that the game on console undergoes the same slimming cure. We can not help but share with you once again the wonderful trailer dedicated to this version.

Patch is already available on PC, so if traveling the entire planet by plane tempts you, don’t hesitate a second and get started!

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