Microsoft Flight Simulator, the shared cockpit will arrive in 2022

Microsoft Flight Simulator will continue to be supported in a timely manner by the developers, who in the latest update on the works revealed, among other things, the arrival of the shared cockpit in the course of 2022 .

This is a feature that we had already talked about in the review of Microsoft Flight Simulator , which is missing at the moment but which will be introduced in the future, also and above all based on the feedback provided by users.

An element, therefore, that the Asobo Studio guys will add to the package to enrich and emphasize the multiplayer components of the experience, initially rather limited.

Specifically, the shared cockpit is among the elements planned by the development team with a launch period set, as mentioned, at 2022, whereas there are other aspects already in the works.

Overall, the growth prospects of Microsoft Flight Simulator are exciting and the work that teams and publishers are doing for this extraordinary flight simulator is truly incredible, and rightly received at launch with stellar votes .



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