Monster Hunter Rise Ancient Messages and Relics Locations in Forgotten Temple

Capcom wanted to encourage exploration within Monster Hunter Rise by placing up to 60 different collectibles scattered throughout the game’s maps. There are 12 in each of the regions and in this guide we are going to focus on locating those of one in particular.

The Forgotten Temple is the main location of Monster Hunter Rise and where you will spend a large part of your time killing or capturing beasts as imposing as the Magnamalo, the Rathian and many others. However, not everything is combat and today we come to try to reveal all the locations of the ancient messages on this map.

Monster Hunter Rise Ancient Messages and Relics Locations in Forgotten Temple

Clues, clarifications and description of each

  • First message : In zone 5, you must climb to the top of the mountain. At the top there will be a small altar where the relic is located.
  • Second message : Take a look at the picture.

  • Third message : On the ledge that separates zone 12 from the rest of the map. In the middle of this you will find another altar where the message is located.
  • Fourth message : Go to zone 11 and climb the wall next to the dragon’s nest. There is a small cave with a wooden arch. Inside is the message.
  • Fifth message : In zone 13 look at the sky and you will see a wooden bridge. You must reach this structure and in its right area you will see the message.
  • Sixth message : Please refer to the picture.

  •  Seventh message : In zone two you will see a large tree whose branches extend to the river. You must climb its branches and reach the relic.
  • Eighth message: In the corridor that leads from zone 8 to 6, you must climb the wall on the right closest to zone 6 and reach a cave. 
  • Ninth message: Behind the wall between zone 8 and 7 you will see a thicket that you must cut to find the hidden message.
  • Tenth message: Take a look at the image.

These 10 messages are not the only ones, two more are found in the Forgotten Temple, belonging to the Frenzy collection. Here we leave you their locations.

When you complete all the messages you can read the history of the map in the Notebook section. Additionally, Kagero will give you two wooden carvings of monsters that you have hunted.
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