Monster Hunter Rise: How To Get New Collaborative Content With Monster Hunter Stories 2

The world of Monster Hunter Rise , released last March only on Nintendo Switch, is expanding month by month with new free updates. And in summer we will have the first collaboration with another game, its “brother” Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

There are several rewards, new missions and paid DLCs in MH Rise version 3.1, and here we summarize it all for you. First, there will be a free mission with materials to create a felyne armor like in Stories 2. Then there will be rewards that you can only get if you have saved data from the Stories 2 demo and the final game.

Monster Hunter Rise: How To Get New Collaborative Content With Monster Hunter Stories 2

  • New free event mission starting June 18 . Complete it to get materials to create the overlay reinforcement of felyne comrade – like Tsukino.

  • If you have save data from the Monster Hunter Stories 2 demo , you will get a special talisman in MH Rise (the demo comes out on June 25 , includes the first hours of the game and you can transfer your save data to the main game). With the talsiman you can activate the skills “riding ace” and “wide area”.
  • When Monster Hunter Stories 2 comes out on July 9 , if you have save data from Stories 2 you can get these Rider Layered Armor for MH Rise.

On June 24, Monster Hunter Rise update 3.1 will be released, which will also include new free event missions with exclusive rewards and paid DLC (armor and emotes). They also announced other updates for July and August, with new collaboration with Capcom games.

Conversely, Monster Hunter Stories 2 will also receive Monster Hunter Rise content: the canyne will arrive as Monstie (a mount that we can use in combat) a week after launch, on July 15, although it seems that it will not be necessary to have Rise save data to have it in Stories 2.

Will you dare to try the RPG Monster Hunter Stories 2 after playing Rise? Remember, there will be a free Stories 2 demo next week with several hours of playtime.


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