Monster Hunter Rise for PC confirms its graphical improvements and release date

During the Tokyo Game Show 2021, Capcom has confirmed all these details about Monster Hunter Rise for PC

Well, despite being exclusive to Nintendo Switch, it was known that it would reach PC, but the date was not officially known, as well as the improvements that it would end up having. Well, today the Tokyo Game Show 2021 has started and there, Capcom has taken the opportunity to announce all these details that had not yet been clear.

Everything you need to know about Monster Hunter Rise for PC

Well, the great Nibel has been collecting all the information that has been confirmed today about Monster Hunter Rise for PC. The first thing you are going to see next is its trailer, and then you will see all its improvements and release date.

  • Release Date: Jan 12, 2022
  • There will be a demo soon
  • You can book now
  • It will have high resolution textures
  • 4K resolution
  • Optimized frame rate
  • Support for keyboard and mouse
  • Voice chat (something that the Switch version of the game did not have)
  • And support for ultrawide displays

What do you think? Well, I’m not a PC gamer (especially since I’ve been looking for a graphic for months and it’s really difficult to get one at a good price) so I doubt I’m going to play it on that platform. But hey, I’ll settle for Monster Hunter Rise for Switch, which is absolutely enjoyable on the hybrid console and very, very fun.

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