Monster Hunter Stories 2 gets a surprise PC port and a July release date

As scheduled, Capcom held a special event this morning with Monster Hunter news. The studio finally shared more news about Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, a title that was announced in September for Nintendo Switch.

A new trailer for the sequel was revealed at the presentation and its release date confirmed. Capcom announced that the game will debut with 3 new amiibo and several editions, including a Deluxe with bonus content.

As if that were not enough, the company gave good news for fans of the saga who do not have a Nintendo Switch, because Monster Hunter Stories 2 will not be exclusive to the hybrid console.


The new trailer for Monster Hunter Stories 2 shows us a bit of its colorful world and its history related to the disappearance of the Rathalos. It also introduces us to Ena, Kayna, Alwin and Navirou, some of the protagonists of this adventure.

If you are excited about the arrival of the sequel, you should know that Monster Hunter Stories 2 will debut on July 9. As we mentioned, the game will not be exclusive to Switch, as it will also be released the same day on PC (via Steam).

The game will be offered in a standard edition that will give access to the base title. On the other hand, Capcom will launch a Deluxe Edition with the game, the Kuan Coat outfit for Ena, the Razewing Alpha and Beta armor, outfits for Navirou, a set of stickers and a hairstyle to customize our hero.

Players who pre-order the title will receive the Kamura Maiden outfit for Ena as an additional reward. Lastly, it was revealed that there will be 3 amiibo from the title: Ena, Razewing Ratha, and Tsukino, which will unlock armor. Below is the new trailer and an image of the figures:

“This epic tale begins with the massive disappearance of Rathalos around the world. At the beginning of your adventures, you meet a young Wyverian who knew Red, your illustrious grandfather. He has been given the mission of protecting an egg, but what? what’s hidden inside? “says the title description.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will arrive on Nintendo Switch and PC on July 9.

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