Monster Hunter Stories 2 is the best launch ever for a jRPG on Steam

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin featured in the best launch ever for a jRPG on Steam , totaling over 30,000 players in the first few hours.

Received with excellent marks by the international press, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin confirmed the solidity of the formula developed by Capcom thanks to an engaging story, excellent characters and mechanics with a great depth.

Previously the record was held by Persona 4: Golden, available on Steam since last year, which in turn had slightly surpassed the results obtained by Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition.

However, the data does not indicate that the entire genre of jRPG is experiencing a moment of grace on the Steam platform, given that there are several Japanese productions that still struggle to establish themselves and enter the top 10.

In the case of Monster Hunter Stories 2 probably influenced the great popularity of Monster Hunter: World , which has allowed many users to know a previously little known franchise in the Windows environment.

Source: SteamDB and Steam Stats Pages

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