Monster Hunter Stories 2 rated lower due to animation smoothness issues on the Switch

Monster Hunter Stories 2 has already had many reviews. The Switch version has already made almost 50 verdicts, the average of which is an impressive 8.1 / 10.

In addition to delight, i.e. ratings such as 10/10 from App Trigger or 9.5 / 10 from God is a Geek, there are also highly critical voices. The lowest score was taken by NME (6/10), which rebukes developers for the poor framerate on Switch and for repetitive caves and other combat zones. In fact, it can be said that most of the editors complain about the fluidity of the game’s animation. Were it not for this graphic aspect, the average grade would probably be higher.

The theme of the framerate in the Switch edition (the game is also available on PC) decided to check out the Contra Network website, which took the demo version for the workshop. It can be expected that the performance here is the same as in the full, store edition of the game.

As you can see, Monster Hunter Stories 2 struggles to sustain 30fps after leaving town. During fights, the framerate often drops to 24 frames per second.  The production works fantastically even on weaker PC configurations . Players with older computers should not have any problems with the framerate.

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