Naughty Dog Is Looking For Employees To Work On Their “First Standalone Multiplayer Game”

It seems Naughty Dog is going to focus more and more on its new multiplayer game. The studio announced a mass recruitment of employees.

Naughty Dog is currently one of the most well-established studios in the video game industry. And it is hardly surprising – sometimes you get the impression that they are among a few of these teams that turn into gold whatever they do not touch. The last example is, of course, The Last of Us 2, which still has a lot of surprises . Interestingly, recently one of the players made a very interesting discovery .

Now, however, it turns out that the studio intends to focus on working on their “first standalone multiplayer game” . The team is currently looking for five game designers with different responsibilities, a visual effects specialist, several programmers, quality controllers and a UI human. So we are talking about a fairly extensive search, which allows us to believe that everything is only at an early stage of development.

Nevertheless, it is still an interesting direction. What’s more, more information can be found in the entry by Vinit Agarwal – the director who worked on the sequel The Last of Us and the last two installments of Uncharted ( Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy ). There, he mentioned a “cinematic experience for players” and described the game as representative of the action genre. That sounds very interesting!

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