Netflix confirms: streaming video games at no additional cost, first on mobile

Netflix confirms, in a still non-public form, the upcoming arrival of streaming video games within the subscription and at no additional cost , at least starting from mobile games at first, according to what was reported in a conference dedicated to investors.

“We are also in the early stages of an expansion to video games, evolving from our early efforts on interactivity (such as when we produced Black Mirror Bandersnatch ) and our games on Stranger Things, ” Netflix said in a letter to shareholders.

“We see video games as another category of content for us, similar to what we did for original movies, animation and scripted TV products. The games will be included in Netflix members’ subscriptions at no additional cost, in similar to what happens for movies and TV series “.

It is therefore confirmed by Netflix the fact that the introduction of streaming games will take place within the existing subscriptions without changing prices , also initially the offer will be focused on mobile games.

“Initially, we will focus mainly on games for mobile platforms . We are very excited about the offer of our products between film and TV and we expect an expansion of investments and growth in our historical categories, but given that we have now been at the of a constant push for the original production, we think it’s the right time to better understand how much our users may care about the games. “

There is still no precise information on when video games will begin to be offered within Netflix subscriptions or how to use these or the expected catalog, but the upcoming arrival of this new category seems to be confirmed, as well as the fact that does not lead to price increases and that you initially focus on mobile games.

The rumor about the offer of streaming video games is therefore confirmed , even if it is not clear if this is really expected starting from 2022 as previously reported, while no mention is yet made of the hypothetical collaboration with PlayStation that had emerged from the datamining of some images.

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