New Clues Suggest Persona 3 Remake To Be Announced Soon

It is unlikely, I admit it, but if it comes true I think I can die in peace

GOOD GOOD GOOD. I’m not sure how to approach this that maybe they announce a Persona 3 Remake, honestly, I just know that I have even gotten nervous. You know that until a few months ago, the Persona saga mattered little to me, but it was discovering Persona 5 and I fell in love.

Sure, now I’m very crazy about that saga. When just recently they announced that they would make 7 announcements related to the series starting in September, I had a very crazy torrent of emotions. And speaking with colleagues, they told me that the return of Persona 3 is something that has been asked a lot, especially in the form of a remake, although it is something unlikely. But now, with the success of Persona 5 and the boost it has given to the series, who knows …

How likely is the announcement of a Persona 3 remake?

Well, now it has begun to talk with that Persona 3 Remake could soon be announced. And again I’m getting nervous, so I’m going to try to keep writing correctly and explain all the details:

  • Has echoed on Reddit theory. I want to emphasize the theory because, although it is based on clues, there is no rumor or leak behind it; it’s just a hypothesis ☝🏼
  • As they have shared in this other post, on September 20 they will broadcast in Japan for free all the 4 films in a row that there are from Persona 3 ❗️
  • What has the community thought? The same thing that I would have thought before seeing this theory: that on September 20 something happens ❗️
  • And of course, it could be anything, but since what the entire community has asked for years is a remake of Persona 3, many bets go to an announcement of it ✅
  • I see it unlikely given that Atlus, that I remember now, has never been to launch remakes, and remasters yes, but not many times, so maybe I would bet more on that ✅
  • This announcement would also agree that in September the first announcement about the Persona saga would be carried out ✅
  • But recently it was confirmed that there would be more news about Persona 5 soon, so I don’t know if an announcement of said installment will be made first or if it will be about Persona 3, so I’m confused in that sense ❓

Having said all this, what do you guys think? Without a doubt, it is one of the things I would most like to see happen in the world of video games, but I also know that it is a dream with little probability of being fulfilled today. And it hurts so much to think that it won’t happen …

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