Killer Instinct: a new game in the series in development with Bandai Namco?

Killer Instinct: a new game in the series in development with Bandai Namco?

Killer Instinct could return to Xbox Series X | S with a new chapter of the series, which according to some rumors would be in development with Bandai Namco.

A new Killer Instinct could be in development for the Xbox Series X | S , entrusted in a rather unsuspected way to Bandai Namco , according to a rumor reported by Windows Central.

The future of Killer Instinct remains a mystery: despite the excellent chapter released in the Xbox One generation, supported for a long time with various progressive seasons, Microsoft has not yet announced anything about it, so at the moment we can only rely on rumors.

Jez Corden’s article on Windows Central is actually a sort of overview of actual news and rumors surrounding the series, but some interesting and even unedited details emerge, in some respects.

Corden claims to have received news that one of the specialized fighting teams within Bandai Namco may be involved in the development of a Killer Instinct next gen for Xbox Series X | S and PC, possibly in collaboration with a team from Xbox Game Studios or with another outsider. On the other hand, Microsoft had previously reported that they want a new Killer Instinct but don’t have a team available to work on it, considering that there are no fighting game specialists among the Xbox first parties.

The brand obviously belongs to Rare, but the British studio is committed to something else and in any case has left the genre in question for many years now. On the other hand, the previous chapter was also entrusted to external teams, with a relay between Double Helix and Iron Galaxy which also proved to be very profitable, given the results obtained. We therefore look forward to any developments on the issue, considering that Killer Instinct would be an important pawn in Microsoft’s lineup, given the scarcity of one-on-one fighting games on Xbox.


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