Nintendo: Colopl will have to pay $ 30 million for infringing 5 patents from the time of the DS

There are few certainties in life: taxes, death and the fact that Nintendo’s lawyers will be able to assert their client’s reasons in court. In fact, in these hours, it became known that the big N won a new millionaire lawsuit in 2017 and will have to be compensated by the mobile developer Colopl. The two parties, in fact, have agreed on a compensation of 30 million dollars . Colopl would, in fact, have infringed 5 patents of the time of the Nintendo DS with his game Shironeko Project.

The lawsuit started in December 2017, when Nintendo accused the Japanese developer of having infringed 5 of his patents registered at the time of the Nintendo DS and the Wrist Strap , the strap that also allowed the touch screen to be used as a joystick. At the time, Nintendo patented those movements in a very generic way, creating what some lawyers have called an infallible patent.


Despite this, Colopl seemed not to care about the lawsuit and published Colopl Rune Story and Shironeko Project abroad as well. Nintendo’s response was to gradually raise the compensation claim first to 42 million, then to 47, up to 92 million in April. At that point Colopl changed its strategy and agreed for 30 million plus having to pay for the licenses of future games.

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Due to the agreement Colopl will record ” extraordinary losses ” in the next quarter, which however will not jeopardize the solidity and business of the company. This is the umpteenth victory by the lawyers of the big N, who recently won the case against a ROM site, grossing 2.1 million dollars .



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