Nintendo eShop struggles amid Monster Hunter Rise demo release

Capcom yesterday revealed more details of Monster Hunter Rise, the new installment of its popular franchise that is on its way to Nintendo Switch. The studio showed more gameplay of the game and confirmed a date for its demo.

Players had access to the trial version since yesterday, which offers some missions to reveal the most important mechanics, all the weapons and several of the deadly creatures that we will face.

Everything indicates that there are a large number of fans waiting for Monster Hunter Rise. We tell you this because its demo generated some problems on the eShop servers due to a high download rate.


If you had trouble downloading the Monster Hunter Rise demo or any other game from the eShop last night, you should know that Capcom’s trial version of the game caused problems on the digital store servers.

Through its social networks, at least those in Japan, Nintendo informed players about the problem. The company said that it is already working to solve the problems and, fortunately, it kept its word in a short time.

Nintendo explained that there were a large number of users who tried to enter the eShop to download content at the same time. This resulted in the software download not starting correctly.

As you can imagine, this was triggered by the Monster Hunter Rise demo. The company advised users to be patient and not try to download the demo multiple times. Players had to wait a few minutes for their download to start successfully.

This forced Nintendo to do emergency maintenance for the eShop. Fortunately, everything is solved and there are no problems downloading any type of content. The unexpected error attracts attention, as it is clear proof of the interest that hybrid console users have in Monster Hunter Rise.

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