Nintendo hints at launching Switch Pro in 2021

For some time now, the launch of Switch Pro has been rumored , an improved version of that Nintendo Switch that is destroying sales around the world. Nintendo would be planning to review the hardware of the console to have characteristics close to the current generations in a hybrid platform, in fact, it is said that it would be targeting 4k rendering. But is it going to be announced soon? It was one of the questions to Nintendo at the last investor meeting, and their response has made it clear that they have something on their hands.

Is Switch Pro on the way this 2021?

In the usual round of questions and answers with investors a question that moves everywhere has come to light. Is there a new model this year? The response of Shuntaro Furukawa, current head of the Japanese firm, has been ambiguous: “There is no plan to make any announcement soon, since we have the MH edition . And it is that next March 26, accompanying the launch of Monster Hunter Rise, a version of the standard model of Switch with MH designs will be launched.

Q: new model this year?
A: not planning to make an annoucement anytime soon as we have MH edition,

hint: Nintendo chief last year said not planning to release a new model in 2020. Today’s was just “anytime soon.” So, that means…?

– Takashi Mochizuki (@ 6d6f636869) February 1, 2021

The interesting thing is that the answer changes. The question was raised in a similar way last 2020, with Furukawa responding that they did not plan to launch any new models in 2020. Now, the nuance of their words suggests that there is something on the way, but they will wait for Rise, or the closing of fiscal year, to move tab in that direction. Logical move given that, with Capcom’s game on the way and its past at Nintendo, the company could close this year with a Switch that would match / exceed total Wii sales.

Will we see the Switch Pro or the Super Nintendo Switch in the coming months? It seems more and more obvious.

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