Nintendo Switch OLED: No new CPU or additional memory compared to other models

Nintendo confirmed to The Verge microphones that Nintendo Switch OLED will not have a new CPU or additional RAM compared to the console models already on the market. The information was already known, but the journalist Tom Warren still wanted to ask the producer for a definitive comment on the matter, so as to eliminate any residual doubts.

Nintendo Switch OLED will only improve the screen and will have more mass storage, with the latter going from 32 to 64GB. For the rest it will not be more performing than the old models, despite the price of 350 dollars.

Those who expected a more powerful console than the old ones will therefore be disappointed. Also with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch OLED it is likely that we will not see Switch technology upgrades for at least another two or three years.

Nintendo Switch is the most successful console currently on the market, at least according to sales in recent years. Apparently Nintendo does not want to curb it and does not want to cut off the old buyers, creating a further technological step. Sure, the gap with PS5 and Xbox Series X is huge, but it should be obvious to everyone that Nintendo has never tried to sell its console with graphics power.

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