Before joining Microsoft, Obsidian turned down another takeover offer

Before joining Microsoft, Obsidian turned down another takeover offer

Obsidian’s Feargus Urquhart revealed that the team turned down the acquisition by another company before accepting Microsoft’s proposal.

Obsidian apparently received another acquisition proposal from another company before it was acquired by Microsoft , according to team leader Feargus Urquhart at the EGX conference that was held last week.

“We were approached by another large publisher and I found myself having lunch with some of the leaders of this company,” said Feargus Urquhart during his speech. Apparently, during this meeting the publisher expressed an interest in acquiring the Obsidian team in bulk, but the intention was to move it en masse to the development of a game already defined at the publisher, for which evidently they had difficulty building an optimal team.

This prospect was not quite ideal for Obsidian, who therefore rejected the proposed acquisition.

According to Urquhart, there must be “a cultural match” between two companies when making an acquisition, and they should also be, in his opinion, “people you can sit with and have a beer with ,” because if they are not, then it is better to think again “.

Microsoft acquired Obsidian Entertainment in 2018, a short distance from InXile. We do not know if in this case the beer test was done but evidently Urquhart found the right characteristics in the Redmond house to carry out the maneuver. Since then, The Outer Worlds and Grounded have been released , both projects that had started before the acquisition and with the latter still in development, while we are waiting for the next major project of the team in the new Microsoft first party situation, or Avowed.


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