Once Reliable Sony Leaker Navtra has closed her account on ResetEra. Sony cracking down on leakers and prioritizes secrecy.

Navtra, the once reliable Sony leaker has apparently closed her account on ResetEra after worrying about being identified after leaking too much information.

While Navtra wasn’t 100% on the money ALL the time (missed FF Origins multiplatform ,and GOW 2 cross-gen) Navtra was damn near reliable. Today the leaker world loses a legend.

Stuff Navtra got right:

  • They basically leaked the whole Future of Gaming show last year for PlayStation
  • They were front runners for FF16 and Forspoken (only mentioned it as a new IP at the time as there was no name).
  • Leaked some stuff from the September PS show.
  • Leaked Death Stranding: Director’s Cut (Navtra called it Death Stranding: Extended Edition though)
  • Leaked Final Fantasy Origins and some of the SE show this year by setting some expectations.
  • They had info on some games being cross-gen games (Horizon, Miles Morales, etc)

Stuff Navtra got wrong:

  • Said that GoW: Ragnarok would be PS5 (seems like it’s PS4 based on the article but we will get a better idea soon)
  • Said Final Fantasy Origin would be PS5 exclusive
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