Original Halo co-creator reveals never-before-seen weapon prototypes

Halo is, undeniably, one of the icons of the video game industry. Neither I, that beyond passing Halo 4 and Halo: Reach I have never been interested in the franchise, I could be a stranger to it, since its significance has overcome any conceivable barrier. Due to this, the community of followers he has is amazing and passionate, always eager to know more and more about his universe; Any curiosity , any imaginable peculiarity , can be valuable information due to the great fan base it houses .

Halo with microwave weapons?

For such die-hard consumers, Marcus Lehto , one of the co-creators of the IP, shared through his Twitter a series of prototype weapons that were never made available in Combat Evolved . The footage, precisely, is in the appended tweet on these lines, and contains rough exhibits a weapon of shock , a gun drill , rifle particles and a gun microwave ; Certainly interesting concepts that, unfortunately, were ultimately scrapped.

In the process, we can also see what Halo looks like in the third person , which is certainly particular considering how accustomed one is to its original perspective. Consequently, the community has been delighted with the Lehto demo , so the creative may share even more content from the game in the future.

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