People Can Fly has acquired Phosphor Games! The Polish studio is constantly growing

The last month was exceptionally loud for the Polish People Can Fly team. All, of course, thanks to the premiere of the game Outriders, which took place at the beginning of April. The title turned out to be quite a success and in the first weeks it made a lot of hype on Steam and Xboxes. Unfortunately, it was not without mistakes, but the creators seem to be working on these all the time – we keep our fingers crossed.

Now, however, People Can Fly has made movements slightly beyond the noisy game. As they announced on their official website, they took over Phosphor Games – the creators behind such titles as Heroes Reborn: Gemini and Nether. The acquisition of the said team also means a change of name for it. Now the studio will create games under the People Can Fly Chicago banner. This means that the entire team of our home studio has 320 people on a global scale.

Phosphor Games was founded in 2009 by Justin Corcoran, Jarod Pranno and Chip Sineni and has been working on the Unreal Engine for many years. As the first of the three mentioned, “this is a completely new chapter for their team”. The new branch of PCF will probably deal with unannounced titles that we may have read about some time ago.


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