Persona 5 Royal ranked for Xbox in Korea, will it be announced at E3 2021?

Persona 5 Royal has been classified for Xbox in South Korea: the document dates back to last September but has only emerged now, which suggests a possible announcement at E3 2021.

We know in fact that SEGA wants to expand Atlus games to other consoles, so the landing of the last chapter of the series on Microsoft platforms would certainly make sense.

As known, Persona 5 Royal is the definitive edition of the RPG Atlus, enriched with a whole series of improvements on the gameplay front as well as unpublished content, in this case some extra characters.

It is also a version with subtitles in Italian, which makes it substantially more accessible due to the many dialogues present. 

Wanting to give vent to hope and imagination, how powerful would a Persona 5 Royal announcement on Xbox Game Pass, “available now”, be at the Microsoft and Bethesda conference at E3 2021?

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