Phil Spencer says they work fast to make more Xbox Series X

Although the new generation of consoles knew how to overcome the difficulties of the pandemic to ensure its launch in November of this year, after the emotion came the reality of the market and the hype caused shortages, either due to the large number of players who wanted buy one or for the resale scene he did of his own to make money. In the case of Xbox Series X, the situation has not changed and for the moment there is nothing left but to trust the words of Phil Spencer, who spoke on this subject.


During his participation in the Major Nelson podcast, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox and vice president of Microsoft’s games division, spoke about the shortage situation of Xbox Series X, which led the North American company to announce that the shortage will continue until mid-2021. In that sense, Spencer assured that Xbox is working as fast as it can to manufacture Xbox Series X and meet to some extent the expectation that there is for the most powerful console in the world.

Likewise, the Xbox boss pointed out that all the manufacturing and distribution lines are running smoothly and trying to have as many units ready as they can, although under the conditions imposed by the pandemic, a situation that greatly changes the plans for a console launch. . In this regard, Spencer acknowledged that, at this time, it is not possible to meet the demand for consoles in the market and made it clear that it is not an exclusive problem for Xbox, alluding to the fact that the same is happening with PlayStation 5.

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