2021 PKG Installer Homebrew Application 0x199 available

Developer 0x199 offers everyone who owns a jailbroken PS4 or PS4 Pro console a new utility called PS4 IPI or Internal PKG Installer. 
Under this name hides a tool that makes it possible to easily install PKG files from a hard disk or via an ObisFTP type FTP application that supports all exploitable firmware. 
Here is the description that 0x199 makes of it: 
PS4 IPI, short for Internal PKG Installer, is a PlayStation 4 utility homebrew application that will install PKG files from a hard drive, allowing PKG files to be installed via FTP. It probably already exists somehow for PS4, but I mainly found it useful for myself, so I decided to implement it. Thanks to sleirsgoevy’s escape firmware, homebrew is firmware independent and works on both HEN and Mira.
Use : 
– Install the PKG on your PS4;
– Activate FTP and download the PKG on which you want to install / data;
– Run the application.
IPI has one drawback compared to debug settings. Because we now download our PKG files to the hard drive instead of storing them on a USB stick, the hard drive requires twice as much space.
This is fine for small PKG installations, but if your PKG is very large, please check before you have enough hard disk space on your system.
Download: ps4-ipi v1.00
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