PlayStation is investing in new Japanese studios, according to one of its top managers

We were all surprised by how PlayStation ended up shutting down Japan Studio . Above all, due to the idea that Sony’s console division has been shifting from its Japanese origin towards a series of more western trends in terms of studios. Which leaves us with an equation in which, apparently, the multinational would have lost interest in Japanese development. But, nothing is further from the truth: PlayStation will bet on it in the future, according to Hermen Hulst , director of PlayStation Studios.

The thing is that Hulst himself has granted an interview to colleagues from the Game Informer portal where, in addition to talking about the future of the company’s exclusives , he has taken the opportunity to reassure the community in relation to what occupies our attention here . This is how his words have been:

” I must say that we are still a very Japanese company in many ways. That is our heritage. It is part of who we are. We love our Japanese games. Currently, we are investing in an external studio in Tokyo of people who have worked at FromSoftware and Kojima Productions . So we can say that we are investing in the Japanese development, because it’s something we love ” .

What I can say is that the studios to which people belong to work in that group in which PlayStation is investing raise my hype to superhuman heights ; Although it is true that there may still be a lot left for us to see with our own eyes if this type of expectations end up with a future video game that is up to the task.

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