PlayStation Job Listing Suggests PlayStation 6 Is In Research and Development!

Even before the PlayStation 5 landed on the market, Sony had already registered the PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9 and PS10 brands , suggesting the clear intention to persevere in the development of the console market.

A further confirmation now comes from some job advertisements published by PlayStation Europe. Addressed to engineers and researchers, the latter involve the department known as the “Future Technology Group” . The division is responsible for imagining, identifying and developing new technologies, without any limits imposed by specific engines or games. The aim of the group is to freely devise new technical solutions, which can then be transformed into technologies that are as revolutionary as possible in the gaming field.

At the moment, the R&D section of PlayStation Europe is looking for multiple figures, including Graduate Engineer, Senior Engineer, Software Engineer, Graphics Engineer, Lead Sound Designer, Senior Server Developer and many other professionals. The European section of PlayStation also offers training periods for PhD students, for a duration of 6 months. In the description of the jobs cited, Sony explicitly refers to the “Contributing to identifying and developing the technology portfolio of future PlayStation platforms “. There are many requirements for candidates, including a familiarity with Machine Learning technologies.

Waiting to find out what the features of PlayStation VR 2 will be therefore, Sony never stops thinking about the future, with the R&D department ready to welcome new professionals.


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