PlayStation acquires FromSoftware? A Sony executive denies the clues

PlayStation acquires FromSoftware? A Sony executive denies the clues

The rumors prompted a Sony PlayStation executive to deny the fact that she was suggesting the acquisition of FromSoftware.

The rumors continue on the possible acquisition of FromSoftware by Sony PlayStation , with an executive of the company who was forced to deny the fact that she was suggesting the possible operation with some tweets.

After the rumor about the possibility that FromSoftware is among the candidates for an upcoming acquisition by Sony , made from a speculation by the reliable Serkan Toto but suggested with all possible cautions, many have seen possible confirmations on this eventuality in some tweets posted by PlayStation Studios’ Shawne Benson and other colleagues from the same division.

Benson and others in fact sent several photos showing them in the company of a statue of Malenia inside the Sony studios, which obviously fueled the rumors about the possible acquisition, despite the fact that the executive in question works on the division of relations with the third parties, therefore it would not even have to do directly with the internal PlayStation Studios.

The rumors have spread to the point of forcing Benson to deny the fact that she was suggesting the possibility of the purchase: “To put this to bed…I’m just a huge fan of the game,” Benson wrote, referring obviously to Elden Ring and rumors about the acquisition of FromSoftware. ” It was my first day back in the office and I saw the statue near my coworker’s desk. Nothing more! As a reminder, my remit is on third party CONTENT acquisitions. Not studios. That’s a totally different team!”

It will probably not be enough to stop the rumors, but at least the idea that the photos were clues to this theory is defused. On the other hand, we are waiting to understand what is the large acquisition by Sony PlayStation that various insiders were certain already several days ago.


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