PlayStation Studios: Bluepoint Games acquired by Sony; The official tweet disappears

PlayStation Studios may have acquired Bluepoint Games , according to what appears to be an official Sony Japan tweet that was promptly removed , but not before someone managed to take the screenshot, which you can see below.

Bluepoint Games, the team that has recently specialized in the development of remakes such as Shadow of the Colossus on PS5 and Demon’s Souls on PS5 , has been constantly associated with Sony as a possible team to be acquired by PlayStation Studios for years now, given the close collaboration between the companies.

We cannot yet say if the information is reliable, but the screenshot does not seem counterfeit (there are several sources that claim to have the tweet in their Twitter feed) and the accompanying image corresponds precisely to that used by Sony for the announcement of team acquisitions, as we have seen in these minutes with the annexation of Housemarque within PlayStation Studios .

It remains to be seen why the message was canceled : it is likely that it came out sooner than expected, with Sony may have planned the announcement of this acquisition for an upcoming event, given that there has been talk for days of a possible State of Play or a PlayStation Experience for this period, with some rumors pointing towards July 8, 2021 as a possible date for this event.

The acquisition of Bluepoint Games would make considerable sense for Sony, precisely falling within the company’s typical modus operandi: it would come after years of close collaboration, in the perspective of the “organic growth” that is often mentioned by the CEO of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, as philosophy behind the expansion of internal teams. We therefore await confirmation on the issue, which however seems highly likely at this point.


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