PlayStation To Acquire FromSoftware, According To Dr. Serkan Toto

PlayStation To Acquire FromSoftware, According To Dr. Serkan Toto

According to a well-known insider, PlayStation could acquire FromSoftware, the Elden Ring studio, or at least that would be the intention.

According to what was reported by the insider Dr. Serkan Toto, PlayStation would like to acquire FromSoftware , the studio of Elden Ring and the Souls series, among others. Toto is not only a well-known and trusted insider, but he is also the CEO of Kantan Games, a consulting company active in the video game industry.

In reality, it is not the first time that rumors have circulated about a potential acquisition of FromSoftware by Sony, also given the close relationship between the two companies. Except the most recent turned out to be April Fool’s Day. In this case, however, the source is much more credible and hardly spread unfounded rumors.

According to Dr. Serkan Toto the deal is still being evaluated, also because we imagine that Kadokawa , the current owner of FromSoftware, will ask a lot after the stellar success of Elden Ring. In fact, it should deprive itself of its flagship software house.

Kadokawa acquired 80% of FromSoftware in 2014, taking it over for $ 22.5 million from the company Transcosmos, evidently eager to get rid of its video game business, which sold off one of the most highly rated development studios in the world.

Consider that in 2014 Demon’s Souls had already been available for years, Dark Souls were already a reality and FromSoftware was collaborating with Sony in Bloodborne . So it was already worth much more than it was paid for and already had a globally recognized reputation. As mentioned, it was a real sell-off, which Kadokawa took advantage of. Be that as it may, a month after the deal, Kadokawa acquired the remaining 20% ​​of the shares, taking full ownership of FromSoftware. At the time, one of the transcosmos executives was Takeshi Natsuno, who became the president of Kadokawa in 2021.

Of course, as pointed out by the insider himself, the acquisition is far from certain and concluded, given that it is still in the very early stages, which could lead to absolutely nothing.


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