PlayStation VR 2 : Sony wants more ‘hybrid games’ like Resident Evil 7 and No Man’s Sky

Sony recently held a private screening of the PlayStation VR 2 for the industry, revealing various details of its second VR headset. 
According to several sources, including UploadVR , the company is interested in ” hybrid games” like Resident Evil 7 , No Man’s Sky and HITMAN III  – projects that can be played both in a traditional way and through a VR headset .
In addition, Sony is actively looking for partners to release high-budget games for the next generation of VR devices. But about backward compatibility with games from the original PlayStation VR, nothing has yet been reported. 

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In terms of characteristics:
  • the helmet has two OLED displays with HDR support – resolution 2000×2040 per eye
  • field of view – 100 degrees
  • special gamepads will be included with each helmet
Details about the start of sales will be revealed in early 2022. 

 PlayStation VR 2

 PlayStation VR 2
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