Playing PlayStation on Xbox Series X | S is now possible thanks to the port of a well-known emulator

The new generation of consoles presents a bright future for video games. The capabilities of new machines and graphics engines like Unreal Engine 5 make it easy to dream of all kinds of games . But it is always good to look back and enjoy the classics that this medium has left us in recent decades. And it is now possible to go back to the 90s, the time of the first PlayStation, Xbox from our Series X | S .

DuckStation, the PS1 emulator, has a port to Xbox Series X | S and works at 4K

  •  DuckStation already has a port to Xbox Series X | S .
  • This port allows emulating the original PlayStation with a 4K and 60 fps upscaling .
  • This version of Duckstation allows you to add certain filters and change some colors to enhance the original image.
  • As it is an emulator, it cannot be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store but requires access to developer mode (paying a fee to Microsoft).
  • Although there are several emulators with port for Xbox Series X | S, several users have assured that DuckStation offers the best PlayStation experience on Microsoft’s console .
  • You can see the DuckStation running on an Xbox Series S video below for yourselves .

This curious emulator comes in the midst of many recent discussions about the conflict that arises between the exploitation and abandonment of support for some video games by companies and the intention of preserving video games as artistic and cultural objects for further study. The emulator, completely legal , is a quite popular form that seems to serve as a patch to enjoy old works today in a way that is quite faithful to the original product.

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