Project Dragon by IO Interactive will be a 10-year game

Earlier in the year, Jez Corden of Windows Central said that Microsoft and IO Interactive were in talks for a new dragon-themed fantasy RPG, dubbed Project Dragon. While it’s too early to share any sort of gameplay details, the final product may look wildly different than the initial pitch, but what’s on paper thus far sounds incredibly ambitious, and represents a completely new direction for IO.

Now today, Jez spoke again on the Xbox Era Podcast saying that he believes Project Dragon is going to be a game that gets content and updates for at least 10 years.

Project Dragon will be a triple-a role-playing game with “an ambitious connected world.” Different from the Hitman Series and upcoming Project 007 game IOI is working on. Furthermore, as the code-name gives it away, dragons will be ruling the “large medieval-like world.”

IO Interactive also announced a new studio earlier this year in Barcelona which would be presumably working on Project Dragon separate from their other studios in Copenhagen and Malmo working on Hitman and Project 007.


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