“PS3 was a nightmare” – says the creator of the Gran Turismo series

Since the premiere, PS3 has created various difficulties for developers, but usually employees of PlayStation’s internal teams did not comment in the media on the game development process. Kazunori Yamauchi mentioned the device, confirming that developing titles for this platform was a nightmare.

Kazunori Yamauchi has been designing Gran Turismo games for other PlayStation devices for years and is undoubtedly one of the specialists who can pride himself on extensive experience and freely assess the operation and capabilities of each Sony generation.

In the last interview for The Gamer, the head of Polyphony Digital did not hide that in the times of PS3, his team had to face many problems to tame the device and get the expected power from it: 

“The PS3 was a nightmare,” Yamauchi-san said. “The hardware was so complex and difficult to develop on. It had the performance once you learned to use it right, but to get there was such a nightmare. It wasn’t until the release of GT6 [in 2013] when we managed to get the full performance out of the console – that’s how difficult it was.”

Let us remind you that in 2007 Gran Turismo 5 Prologue debuted on PS3, but only 3 years later players checked the full-fledged continuation. There is no doubt that the break was quite large, especially if we take into account the fact that the Prologue was supposed to be a kind of “introduction to attractions”.

It was because of problems with designing positions for PlayStation 3 that the premiere of Gran Turismo 6 took place only in 2013, and exactly after the premiere of PlayStation 4. Developers faced a huge challenge to offer games on PS3 – the Japanese confirmed that PlayStation 5 is a platform much easier to work with.

“The PS5 is much easier to create games on,” Yamauchi-san explains. “It meant we were able to create a well balanced experience that feels natural to play. Of course the graphics have improved and the 3D audio provides a very rich soundscape, and you honestly won’t feel the loading times. That creates a completely different experience, it opens up a whole new world.”


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