PS4 will remain key for Sony until 2023, despite PS5

Sony has confirmed that PS4 will remain a fundamental element for its strategies at least until 2023, with the idea of ​​making it the console with the longest life in the history of PlayStation, despite the fact that in the meantime PS5 has been released and is destined to be placed in the center of attention over time.

The company expects big things from PS5, of course, with the console already outperforming its predecessor in terms of sales over the same time frame and recently confirmed itself as the fastest-selling console in the US. However, the more than 116 million PS4s sold so far cannot go unnoticed, of course, and Sony intends to continue to focus heavily on them.

In fiscal year 2022, Sony expects PS4 to cover 70% of the total money spent in the PS Store, while PS5 is expected to gain further acceleration with a distribution of 14.8 million consoles and the fact that it will no longer be sold at a loss. starting as early as June.

The company expects PS4 to have the “longest queue” of any other PlayStation in history and to ensure this, “the lineup of new PS4 games planned for fiscal 2021 and 2022 is extremely solid. Publishers understand too. the opportunity to count on such a large community and they will exploit it. “

In short, despite the presence of PS5 and its success, PS4 will continue to play an important role in Sony’s strategy, which could lead to further cross-gen games between PS4 and PS5. After Horizon Forbidden West, which we know is coming for both consoles, the next cross-gen could be God of War Ragnarok, although there is still no certainty about that. In any case, it seems evident that Sony’s strategy has changed a bit since Jim Ryan claimed to “believe in the generations” and therefore in the exclusive move towards the next gen.

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