PS5: sales of 10.1 million units, PlayStation 4 at 116.4 million

PS5 has totaled sales of 10.1 million units, while PlayStation 4 has reached 116.4 million: these are the official data of the last fiscal quarter of Sony.

The news that PS5 has reached 10 million units had been anticipated in recent days, but now we have the details. Between April, May and June 2021 the new console placed 2.3 million pieces.

As for PS4 , 500,000 units have been added to the total: a net decrease compared to 1.9 million in the same quarter of 2020, but completely natural considering the arrival of the new model and the lack of special promotions on the former flagship. .

The subscribers to PlayStation Plus June 30 were found to be 46.3 million, which means that there was an increase of 1.3 million subscriptions compared to last year.

Finally, the software: 63.6 million copies sold between PS5 and PS4 in the last quarter, down from 91.4 million in the same period of 2020. 10.5 million were first party games, another figure in decline if we think which last year were 18.7 million.

Curiously, the percentage of sales in digital format also decreased, which stood at 71% and instead in the same quarter of 2020 it was 74%. Perhaps the price increase has prompted more people to opt for physical versions of the games?


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