PS5 will soon receive support for additional SSDs? A company from Sony releases a new drive

As you know, PS5 offers a very small internal drive, but Sony offered players an additional slot for a second SSD, but at least currently customers of the Japanese corporation cannot take care of additional memory, because the PlayStation 5 manufacturer must release an appropriate update. According to rumors, the company is testing new firmware that will provide players with the ability to use the appropriate disks .

The premiere of the relevant firmware is to take place in the summer, and it is Nextorage Co., a company owned by Sony that creates discs, announced a new product. SSD from the “NEM-H” series will be available in two versions – 1TB and 2TB – and its performance (reading at 7100 MB / s in the 2TB model and 7000 MB / s in 1TB) suggests that the device will be a perfect match for PlayStation 5.

Sony has not currently announced that it will recommend Nextorage Co. products, but we can suspect such a situation – after all, the company will promote its devices in this situation. SSDs were priced at 25,190 yen for the 1TB version and 48,560 yen for the 2TB model.


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