PSXITARCH unveils PS4 Fan Control for Linux

The Italian development team in charge of the Linux distribution, PSXITARCH, has just unveiled a new application tailored to control fan rotation in Linux on PS4 and PS4 Pro. This application, which is called PS4 Fan Control, allows you to manage the fan speed depending on the temperature.

 PS4 Fan Control for Linux FIFA 19

Note that PS4 FAN Control must be run with root privileges, from the terminal, type the command: Sudo ./ps4fancontrol
Select the preferred temperature threshold, save and exit. The selected temperature will be saved to a configuration file and loaded when PS4 FAN Control starts up.
If you intend to automatically load PS4 FAN Control when the distribution starts, type the command: ps4fancontrol –no-GUI in a player configuration file:
https: //wiki.archlin…ting_unit_files or use crontab or equivalent.
 PS4 Fan Control for Linux FIFA 19
Note that the team also distributes the update of Linux distributions through a patch available here:  Ps3ita_Team .
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