Psychonauts 2: No crunch during development, says Double Fine

Psychonauts 2 has now come to completion, after a path that lasted several years and also rather difficult, at least in its first phase, so we are pleased to know that the development has been carried out without resorting to the crunch .

To confirm the matter is the senior Producer of Double Fine, Kevin Johnson , who wrote on Twitter that Psychonauts 2 was developed without crunch, a topic that has now become quite the order of the day for videogame development, being a bad practice. but extremely widespread in the current market.

“The team has been fantastic and I am proud to be part of something so special that has been done on a set schedule , I think you will have a lot of fun too,” Johnson added. Psychonauts 2 has gone through a rather long development, having started as a crowdfunding project and also with some uncertainty on the economic solidity front.

Things changed radically with Microsoft’s acquisition of Double Fine , which allowed the team to complete the project with much greater peace of mind, also being able to insert content that had previously been removed due to lack of time and resources, such as some clashes. with bosses and other levels.

Probably thanks to this new situation, Psychonauts 2 was finally completed in a more extensive way and without having to resort to the crunch. 

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