Tim Schafer has revealed that there are “no plans right now” for Psychonauts 3

The excellent reception received by Psychonauts 2 pushes many fans to wonder if Raz’s odyssey is destined to continue with a third chapter . In asking the same question to Tim Schafer , TheGamer reporters received a rather eloquent answer from the boss of Double Fine Productions.

After jokingly “scolding” fans for the “lack of courtesy” in clamoring for Psychonauts 3 despite knowing the difficulties Double Fine has encountered in the five years it took to develop the second chapter, Schafer prefers to avoid turns of words. in clarifying how “at the moment there are no plans for the third episode” .

Having made this necessary clarification, the exponent of the Xbox Game Studios subsidiary reflects on the future of the company he founded and directed to explain that ““There are no plans right now for three. No rules about that either, we don’t lock the door on anything. I think the team and I are both looking forward to something completely brand new. We love these characters though, and psychic worlds are easy to expand upon for further adventures, but there’s nothing planned now.”.


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