John Romero’s Happy To See E2M6 Fully Restored In Quake Remaster

John Romero congratulated the authors of the remaster of Quake and thanked them in particular for having restored the level E2M6 , which in the original was cut for space reasons.

As already reported, the Quake remaster adds a piece of level removed from the original and this is precisely the entry into the Dismal Oubliette, a section of E2M6 that was excluded at the time.

“Congratulations to id Software, Bethesda and MachineGames for launching the Quake remaster,” Romero wrote in a Twitter post. “I was really surprised to see that the game now includes the full version of E2M6!”

“Thanks for restoring the full level. Having to cut it in 1996 literally killed me, so I sincerely appreciate what you did.”

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