Quake on ESRB, beta on Steam! The game was leaked before QuakeCon 2021

We’ve been informing our community of Quake’s return since June – at that time, Shpeshal Nick, co-founder of XboxEra, mentioned the game . Later we mentioned the secret project , then the eloquent words in the QuakeCon roster , and now we can get ready for the presentation?

The first stream of the Bethesda event will take place today at 20:00 CET, and the ESRB has added a mysterious production to its library, simply called “Quake”.

According to the information available, the game is headed for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. This is an interesting situation considering that Bethesda teams are already developing positions on behalf of Microsoft … Although it is very possible that work on the position began many months ago and therefore the game will be on many devices.


Quake has been rated by the ESRB for PC, PS4/5, XBO, XSX/S and Switch
beta branch of Quake 1 on Steam has been recently updated, suggesting we’ll get some sort of Quake 1 related announcement later today at QuakeCon

Interestingly, however, players noticed that a mysterious “beta” appeared in the Steam files of the original Quake. It is very possible that we will hear more about production testing today.

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