God of War Ragnarok : Valkyrie Entertainment is helping Santa Monica with development

The next chapter of God of War has long been one of the most anticipated games by PlayStation fans . For some time no new trailers or information about the game have been shown: we know for sure, however, that Ragnarok will unleash on PS5 and PS4 in the course of 2022, although at the moment more precise details on the launch window are missing.

Santa Monica Studios is working hard to make God of War 2 live up to high expectations, and for this reason it accepts every precious support possible: the Valkyrie Entertainment studio , in fact, is helping the team led by Cory Barlog in the game development. It is a company specialized in providing support in the creation of Triple A video games and which previously collaborated with Santa Monica for the development of the previous chapter released exclusively on PS4 during 2018. It is not specified which aspects Valkyrie Entertainment is providing their support, but it is likely that they are collaborating in programming the 3D environments and in thecharacter design , aspects on which the studio is specialized.

Meanwhile, God of War 2 may be at the PlayStation Showcase on September 9, 2021, as Barlog made references to Ragnarok via a Twitter post. God of War 2 may be bigger than the first episode according to David Jaffe , author of the original 2005 God of War, who speaks of a 40-hour adventure.


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