Rainbow Six Extraction is the official title for Quarantine and is featured in a new video

Some time ago Ubisoft announced to the world Rainbow Six Quarantine, the new installment of the franchise that would bet on the cooperative approach in a science fiction world. After confirming months ago that the work would hit the market with a new title, a few days ago Ubisoft revealed that it would be at E3 when the video game would officially present all its details to the world. And today, while we wait for the Ubisoft conference for E3the gala company has left us with the final title of the game: Rainbow Six Extraction.

It has been a new video that Ubisoft has released to reveal to the world that Rainbow Six Extraction is the official title of the game presented under the subtitle Quarantine. This video, although it does not let us see too much of the work, serves for several of the developers of the work to tell more details about the game.

Both the producer and the creative director of the video game have shown their faces to explain that Rainbox Six Extraction is a video game that takes advantage of the foundations of the successful Siege and adapts them to a cooperative formula where the different operators will have to unite against a common enemy and help each other along the way. You can see for yourself below.

Beyond this, no new details have been given and all fans have been summoned to Ubisoft Forward, which will function as the E3 conference of the gala company to learn more. We remind you that this event will take place on June 12 at 9:00 p.m. (peninsular time). Of course, you can follow both this and the rest of the E3 conferences with us and we will be live to bring you the last hour of the video game.

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