Ratchet and Clank Screenshots and Rundown – Weapon and Armor Upgrades, Menu’s, etc

Update. I am out this morning, I was able to play a little this morning. Some more of the common questions asked answered below:

– Performance RT and Performance modes are great. I tried Fidelity mode and it was way too choppy. 4K did not matter at that point. I would much rather use a scaled down res and get a higher fps.

– Full trigger and half trigger functionality is utilized just like Returnal

– Reversible cover

– Levels are somewhat linear but you can navigate as required. There are hub type areas you usually end up.

– Music is very good so far

– No haptic feedback on things like rain, and environment. But there is haptic feedback on pretty much everything else

– Weapon upgrades are through skill tree type avenues using Raritanium collected throughout the game.

– There are pieces of armor and armor sets (collected 1 piece at a time) that have modifiers (5% more melee damage, etc)

– Only glitch so far is I got stuck in an infinite loop falling through dimensions on the first boss. Other than that it has been smooth.


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