Raven has banned another 50,000 cheaters in Warzone, but players are still unhappy

Raven announced a new wave of bans in  Call of Duty: Warzone  – the studio has blocked 50,000 accounts of unscrupulous users. The last such update was published by the studio two months ago. Nevertheless, this message did not please the fans, but, on the contrary, caused a wave of indignation.

The community has been complaining about shooter scams for a long time. For example, one of the famous Warzone players  under the nickname ZLaner was so outraged by the cheating that he published a fiery call for  Raven . In it, he demands more transparency and notes that the shooter is full of dishonest gamers.

A few days after the appeal, the studio released fresh data regarding the blocking, which raised a buzz among fans. Some people feel that Raven is not doing enough in the fight against cheaters. For example, according to the popular YouTuber JGOD , the numbers should be much higher. “There are at least a dozen cheaters on the top table who manage to avoid being banned every time. We can only guess how many more [cheaters] are not affected by these waves,  ”writes JGOD.

What can I say if, after an update from  Raven , a record appears in the Warzone subreddit with a streamer with an aimbot? Therefore, the community is rather skeptical about the claims of developers to counter fraud.

However, Activision is clearly trying to do something. For example, she recently stopped a craftsman who came up with “new generation cheats” with machine learning.

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