Red Dead Redemption 2 – 10 hidden scenes that you probably missed while completing the game

The locals find the camp

Members of the Van Der Linde gang were forced to change the location of the camp every bit. They had a lot of enemies, because the Pinkertons or the O’Driscoll boys were on their heels, so they had to be on guard all the time. However, what is most interesting, the locals, who did not like the presence of armed cowboys, could also become interested in the camp. As you will notice in the material below, Hosea, able to speak to reason, averted a potential conflict in Horseshoe Overlook.

The demon in the outhouse

While exploring the main plot of Penelope Braithwaite, the woman shows us – at first glance – a normal-looking outhouse. But when we look inside, we notice a woman who seems to be sick. If we write down the location and return there later, Gertrude (this is the name of the mysterious figure) will start saying the numbers 1 and 17, making immoral suggestions.

King of the jungle

Do you remember Tarzan? The creators of Red Dead Redemption 2 for sure, because they added the king of the jungle to their production. This stranger is in the northeastern part of the map and lives in a tree – he has even managed to create a small alley where he can sit comfortably. Growy Tarzan respects his place of residence very much, so when we get close to him, he will ask us to leave his forest. We can listen to him or shoot him in the head, thus getting rid of the king of the jungle.

Great foot in the cave

While traveling through the northern part of the map, we can follow the birds that will lead us to an interesting location. Arthur will get in front of the entrance to the cave closed by the boulder – there would be nothing special here except that there is someone inside (most suppose it is a mythical big foot) who is sad. We can return to this place several times to hear another conversation between the protagonist and the stranger each time.

Moonshinery under the shop

You always have to get on somehow in life. This sentence must have persisted in the mind of a seller stationed in Strawberry for a long time, because he decided to set up … a moonshine shop in which there are many awards waiting for us. We can get to her by trying to threaten him with a gun.

Naked werewolf

Walking through the woods at night always gives you adrenaline. You never know who or what we’ll meet in them. In the case of Red Dead Redemption 2, we have to settle for a naked werewolf who took the form of a human. We meet him and his two friends in a cave, and while the real wolves attack us, the “boss” surrenders without a fight (until). Entering the hideout, we can find a diary that sheds a new look at a naked werewolf.

The Search for Trelawny

As you probably remember, while learning the history of the Van Der Linde gang, at some point we are forced to find the hit Trelawny. Charles helps us in the mission and if we stray from the main road for a moment, we will find two bounty hunters who have information about the person we are looking for. We can approach the matter calmly or at once with the intention of scaring strangers. Both methods are presented below and it must be admitted that an aggressive approach is the better this time around.

Jump of faith

Religious cults in Red Dead Redemption 2 were very loud after the premiere. Arthur Morgan is more than once a witness to some rituals – it is no different in the case of Cheloni representatives who perform a strange ritual on the hill. If the main character of the game gets rid of one of the clergymen, the rest will decide that this is a good time to give back something that resembles a leap of faith. Anyway, see for yourself.

John gets another screwed up

We follow the entire epilogue in Red Dead Redemption 2 from the perspective of John Marston. We very quickly get – together with my wife and son – to a farm where we have a lot of responsibilities to do. If the protagonist of the first part of the brand, after unpacking the luggage, moves towards the cities and starts carrying out, for example, orders for bandits, Abigail will start to worry about her husband. Apparently, a script flashed through her mind that John had died. I am sure that it would be difficult for her to recover after such a loss, another one after Arthur, hence the woman’s such and no other reaction.

Maxing the game

Hitting 100% in RDR 2 is very hard, especially due to the challenges of fishing and hunting wild animals. Obtaining all the cups and achievements is rewarded not only with a platinum trophy (in the case of PlayStation players), but also with a special scene that activates after reaching Arthur Morgan’s grave. John updates his diary to say that it has been a pretty good trip, and it is all accompanied by a touching song.

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