More removed content discovered in Elden Ring, from an unused NPC to a quest related to another removed feature

More removed content discovered in Elden Ring, from an unused NPC to a quest related to another removed feature

Dataminer Lance McDonald has discovered a missing NPC and a long quest that had dreams while sleeping. It seems that more deleted content continues to emerge in Elden Ring.

That FromSoftware has removed content from Elden Ring in its final version? We already have examples with the coliseum and another to better understand its lore and game history .

And now the dataminer Lance McDonald who published these discoveries is back with others. Like these early stages of a questline from an NPC that was in the game’s network test in November 2021.

The Hut at Storm Hill (formerly Scavenger’s Hut) is where you meet Roderika after the game is empty in the network test, but Lance re-implemented the NPC that was going to live there: Monk Jigo.

Jigo was seduced by ” the good lady of alcohol ” and asks for your help to get ingredients for a ” potion “, a legendary liqueur with magical properties.

This mission has another curiosity of the network test: non-hostile animals that sleep and are hidden in the world. This was already discussed the other time when talking about content removed from the final game related to dreams.

They are supposed to give off a kind of ” Dream Mist ” that you collect for Jigo with the help of Trina’s Crystal Ball, a cryptic character from the Elden Ring story .

Associated with dreaming and daydreaming, it seems that it was initially raised to have more presence in the game; although she ended up being discarded from the final game.

Lance himself already said that this final drink was used to give it to an NPC to tell you something extra. The dataminer gave the first one to Merchant Kale, in the Church of Elleh.

This put Kale to sleep and although in the game audio I could only hear him snoring the subtitles were appearing. In these he was tortured by the Lord of Frenzy Flame .

This was perhaps meant to be a long quest to make more sense of the story in Elden Ring . And by the way, if you went through The Middle Lands doing these dream conversations with the NPCs, more things would be discovered.

In the final game, a boss can be fought in a character’s dream at the end of the Fia quest chain . For now it is not known if these with the potions would have followed something similar in the game or not.

There is sure to be much more research on this neglected part of the game’s history, due to its gameplay implications.

For his part, Lance has also covered the strange giant heads that appear in the distance of the network test and also do not appear in the final game.

Zullie the Witch has also been datamining the removed content of Elden Ring . What if FromSoftware had left all of this in an already vast game?

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